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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Animal Kingdom LO & Speed Scrap this week!

My latest LO is the intro page for Animal Kingdom, and it's another double dipping in challenges! Here's my entry for 8/26 Tuesday Template Challenge at & the latest DISboard challenge:

(Click to see full size LO. Click here for credits.)

In other news, this week's Speed Scrap will be Wednesday, Sept. 3 at 9pm EST! (8pm Central, 7pm Mountain, & 6pm Pacific.) Don't miss it!!

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Daily Download LO

I made this LO using "Say It With Bling," that gorgeous Scrap Matters Daily Download kit!

(Click to see full size LO. Click here for credits.)

I also used one of Britt's new "Wide Open Spaces" templates here. I love using templates in my digi LOs. Strange since I never use sketches on my paper LOs! That reminds me that I still have to post all those paper LOs I finally uploaded, oops!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Two Disney LOs, including my Speed Scrap

I was able to make it to the 8/26 Speed Scrap, but I had all sorts of computer problems. Photoshop crashed several times, then wouldn't even open. I knew I had to restart the computer, but that would take too long, so I went on the laptop. And then Photoshop crashed on there! Finally I was able to work on my LO, but it was another speedy scrap! I'm not 100% happy with it, I think I'll still tweak it at some point, but others seemed to like it. I don't know, lots of times when I'm iffy on a LO, that's the ones people really like, and the ones I love, people are ok on. LOL! This picture is from the observation deck at the California Grill at the Contemporary. I have lots more pics to scrap from this, so I'm sure I'll at least make a 2nd page. I LOVE the California Grill, and we are going back for dinner on our upcoming trip (19 days and counting!!)

(Click to see full size LO. Click here for credits.)

This LO is another I wasn't 100% on, I even had another version with the same elements but in different places. It's grown on me though. It's for the current DISboard challenge (#19), to scrap your favorite Disney park.

(Click to see full size LO. Click here for credits.)

It was perfect timing because I've been working on my Magic Kingdom LOs, so I can use this as my intro page. I was hoping to at least finish my Magic Kingdom LOs before this next trip, but that's going to be impossible, especially since I still haven't printed those pics. *sigh*

Before I sign off, I just got the full previews for "Say It With Bling," the Daily Download kit. How gorgeous is this (click for full size preview)??

Don't forget, a new download link for this kit will be posted thru September 14th here! Don't miss a day. I know I won't. ;)

Oh, one more thing! Erica Zane had a sale Tuesday because it was her bday, so everything was 32% off. So I ended up buying 3 of her kits (and used some of it in my speed scrap LO!) A month ago I hadn't bought any digi products, now I can't stop! ;)

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Monday, August 25, 2008

New Daily Download & Speed Scrap @ SM!

The Daily Download is back at Scrap Matters!

I've gotten 2 cool (and even cooler, it's free!) kits in the past using the Daily Download, and this one looks just as great. It's a collab kit by the ScrapMatters Design Team Apprentices called "Say It With Bling." Each day starting August 25th (today!) thru September 14th, a new link will be posted that stays active for 24 hours. By the last day, you'll have the full kit! After Sept 14th, the kit goes in the SM store. Just click the ad to go to the Daily Download section of SM to start downloading!!

Also, there will be a Speed Scrap at SM on Tuesday night! I couldn't make the last one, but over 60 people participated!! It's a lot of fun, and the only time I am NOT a slow scrapper. Come and check it out (click on the ad)

That's 9pm EST!


Friday, August 22, 2008

Two new LOs

Two more digi LOs. I actually love both of these, which is rare. :)

The first I was able to double dip with both the Scraplift & Color Swatch Challenges at Scrap Matters. I scraplifted Yzerbear's Wave kissed toes LO, which I instantly loved. I knew I would scraplift it eventually, I'm just glad I had the excuse to do it so soon! :) I mostly used Erica Zane's Naturally Happy kit, which worked perfectly for the color swatch. I think my favorite part of this LO is the swirl under Cinderella, especially because I only placed it there by accident, and then saw how beautiful it looked!

(Click to see full size LO. Click here for credits.)

This one I double dipped yet again, for the 8/19 Tuesday Template & 8/16 Saturday Special. For the Saturday Special,you had to use the word "Remember" on the LO. I was inspired to scrap these pics when I randomly saw Britt's pearl heart in my digi stash, and instantly thought of Jacqueline Kennedy. I knew these pics from our Smithsonian visit a few years back would work great with this challenge. I wasn't even planning to use the Tuesday Template for this LO, it just happened to work out! Someday I'll scrap the rest of my pics from this Smithsonian trip!

(Click to see full size LO. Click here for credits.)

In my next post, I should have 8 paper LOs to share that I finally got all uploaded!

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Three more LOs

Yay, more LOs! I said in my last entry that I wasn't sure if I would be able to complete the Scrap Olympics, but I did! Here were my other 2 entries:

Triathalon Event:

(Click to see full size LO. Click here for credits.)

Go for the Gold (which I also used for the current Tuesday Template Challenge.) One of my favorite LOs.

(Click to see full size LO. Click here for credits.)

This one started as Speed Scrap from 8/14, but is tweaked just a bit so I could use it in the current DISboards challenge (I also wanted to change the journaling just a bit.) I like how it came out, especially for a speed scrap (if you click on the credits, you'll see the original version.)

(Click to see full size LO. Click here for credits.)

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More LOs

Two LOs for Scrap Matters challenges.

For the 8/10 Speed Scrap. It was an especially speedy scrap for me because I got there an hour late, and we had a nasty storm so I couldn't stay on the computer for the full hour. I really like this LO, though I might ultimately make the picture in color, I'm not sure.

(Click to see full size LO. Click here for credits.)

Here is another of my entries in the Scrap Olympics, this time for the Opening Ceremony. I don't know if I'll be able to get the other SM Scrap Olympics LOs done, but I'm going to try. Not sure if I'm 100% happy with this one.

(Click to see full size LO. Click here for credits.)

ETA, I made a 2nd page to turn this into a 2 page spread so I could add a few more pics & more journaling.

(Click to see full size LO. Click here for credits.)

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Latest LOs

Scrap Matters is officially opened! The site looks so nice, and I love the new gallery. As I wrote earlier, there's also lots of fun games and challenges going on, and a sale in the store, so be sure to check it out!

Check out some of the fun challenges here on the forum. One of the fun events is the Scrap Olympics. I'm going kind of out of order, because I need to make my LO for the Opening Ceremonies, but here is my entry for the Swimming Event:

(Click to see full size LO. Click here for credits.)

I made this LO using the cute "Ooh-la-la" kit by Amy Sumrall & Krystal Hartley that I posted about earlier. I was lucky enough to win the kit from Sunshine Studios, and I knew this was the perfect subject to use the kit for. :)

Also, here's my LO for the 8/2 Saturday Special at Scrap Matters. You had to do an anatomy of a picture. I scrapped a pic from the game when the Phils won the NL East. I have lots of closeup pics from the celebration, but this is the one overview pic I took, and it works perfectly for the challenge! This LO may get tweaked a bit because Britt came out with a fantastic grab bag that includes baseball stuff.

(Click to see full size LO. Click here for credits.)

Finally, here's my LO from the scraplift Telephone Game at Scrap Matters. I did it over a week ago, but I couldn't post it until all the LOs were revealed. I was the 2nd to lst LO in the scraplift, and I can't believe how my LO looks absolutely nothing like the first LO in the game, haha!

(Click to see full size LO. Click here for credits.)

OK, I think I'm all caught up in posting LOs now. I have a few more in the planning stages, and I really hope to finish a paper LO tomorrow.

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Scrap Matters Grand Re-Opening

Click the pic for more info!

I've been lucky enough to get a sneak-peak of the mega kit, and it's awesome! It'll be easy to spend $15 since there will be so many new products, too. There's also going to be lots of fun stuff to do during the week. For more info, check out this thread at SM


Monday, August 04, 2008

Two new digi LOs

Here are my latest 2 digi LOs. First is my Chicago Baseball Road Trip LO, for the 7/29 Tuesday Template Challenge at We go on a road trip to see the Phils play every year, and 2 years ago we went to Chicago to see them play at Wrigley. The White Sox were home after the Phils left town, and we wanted to see Jim Thome play, so we also went to the White Sox park to see a game. Unfortunately, Thome got hurt the day we got to Chicago, so we didn't get to see him play. I still haven't seen him play in person since he left. :( Anyway, back to the LO! I kept changing my mind on a few elements, so that's why I waited until the last minute to post. But I really love the result, and this is one of my fav digi LOs!

(Click to see full size LO. Click here for credits.)

The next LO is for the current DISboards challenge, which was a template challenge. I couldn't decide what to scrap for a long time, but I finally decided on Sunshine Seasons. This is one of my fav quick service places at Disney. The food is fresh, healthy, and delicious (though on our last trip, we ran into the one rude person that works at Disney there. Really annoying.) It's right across from Soarin', so it's definitely a place we will be near every trip, so I'm sure we'll always get a quick bite to eat here. I don't really love this LO, and I have another version that has some elements I turned into stickers, but I thought they didn't really look right. I guess I'm happy with it, and at least I have another LO done from my Disney 2007 trip!

(Click to see full size LO. Click here for credits.)

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