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Friday, January 29, 2010

Food Layouts

I'm running this week's MouseScrappers (Disney scrapping) challenge! I made my first ever digi-anything as a participation prize. :) Come join in the fun!

Since the theme of the challenge is food, I decided to post every LO I've ever done related to food. ;) I didn't realize how many I had completed (this doesn't even include character specific layouts from character meals, otherwise this list might be twice as long!) & I still have loads to do over all my trips! Enjoy, and hope I didn't make you too hungry. ;)

Pop Century Food

Contemporary's Christmas Cookies

My bday celebration at LeCellier (So cool, the CM gave me champagne with a candle in the strawberry!)

LeCellier from another trip

I have a bunch of layouts for the California Grill (though I still have to do my "general" one!):

CA Grill Meal

My mom's bday celebration there

And my bday dessert there the next trip

Surprise Fireworks (not from either MK nor Epcot!)

View from CG

CG night view

Hot Cocoa

Kona Cafe

Boma (pg 1 / pg 2)

My mom's bday celebration at Boma

Crepes in France

Flame Tree BBQ

POFQ Food Court


Creating candy at DTD's Goofy's Candy Co.

My mom's bday celebration at Chef Mickey's

Food & Wine

Food & Wine carts

Crystal Palace (pg 1 / pg 2)

My mom's bday celebration at CP (pg 1 / pg 2)

Club Cool


Mickey Bar

Nemo Cookie

Cosmic Rays

Main Street Bakery I hate this layout (will probably redo it at some point), but I love the pic of the food ;)

Sunshine Seasons Another layout I don't like much & will probably redo, but this is my favorite counter service place!

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

January Layouts so far

I already posted my Characters layout here, but here are the other layouts I've done so far in January. Most are from my recent December Disney trip. I've already completed more layouts for this trip than I did for my spring training Disney trip last year. ;) Click the image for full image & credits.

For the 12/28 Word Up. I was SO happy with how this one came out! Uses Month by Month by WM[Squared] Designs.

For the current #19 Challenge (that I'm hosting! Come join the fun!) & the 12/30 Grand Theft Challenge

For the 1/19 Tuesday Template.

For the January In Living Color (and turned into a QP for the January QPE)

For MouseScrappers #18 Challenge & the 1/12 Tuesday Template.

For the 12/29 Tuesday Template. Uses It's Gonna Be A Happy New Year by WM[Squared] Designs & Jennifer Barrette.

For the 1/6 Grand Theft Challenge

For the 1/1 Roadmap to Scrap. Uses Be Inspired - Sarah - Templates by WM[Squared] Designs & Let It Snow by WM[Squared] Designs & Purple Tulip Designs.

Earlier Disney trips

For the 1/9 Saturday Special

For the 12/26 Saturday Special

Uses Be Inspired - Ami - Templates by WM[Squared] Designs.


For the 1/11 Word Up. Uses Simply Dated - V.6 & Day By Day - V.1 - Templates by WM[Squared] Designs.

Now I'm caught up in posting layouts! :D

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December Layouts

A month behind, but here are all the layouts I completed in December. Click for credits & to see the full image.

First few are from my December Disney trip.

For the 12/22 Tuesday Template

For the 12/12 Saturday Special

For the December Matter of Snap

For the 12/8 Tuesday Template

Earlier Disney Trips

For the 11/25 Grand Theft Challenge

For the December In Living Color

For the December Inspiration Point

For the 12/19 Saturday Special


For the 12/14 Word Up

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

What a bunch of characters!

After getting home from Disney, one day, I decided to figure out how many unique characters I have met on my 5 trips the last 3 years. Turns out, I've met 88 unique characters, and 180 in total (I've met 36 characters more than once.) I think that's pretty good, right? Now of course my goal is 100 & I'm kicking myself at missing some characters that are no longer out that were available on earlier trips. I met 16 new-to-me characters on this trip.

Just thought if anyone cared enough to see how many characters I've met, lol, they probably would want to know who I've met! I also included how many times I met each character, and if they were in different outfits (Minnie wins with most different outfits: 7. That makes sense, though, she's such a girl! ;)) The list is pretty much grouped by movie (I even figured out the number of characters I met at each park...clearly I was pretty bored this day!) This is only characters I've met, it doesn't include characters I've seen in parades & shows, or those I just missed meeting. I would need to get a LOT more bored to include all of them. ;)

Mickey (10 – normal, sorcerer, chef, AK, halloween, AK christmas)
Minnie (11 – normal, chef, princess, AK, halloween, Christmas party, AK christmas)
Pluto (5 – normal, chef)
Goofy (8 – normal, chef, frontierland, santa)
Donald Duck (6 – normal, chef, AK, frontierland, AK christmas)
Daisy Duck (3)
Scrooge McDuck
Chip (2 – normal, AK christmas)
Dale (2 – normal, AK christmas)
Pooh (5 – normal, halloween, AK christmas)
Eeyore (5 – normal, halloween, AK christmas)
Piglet (3)
Tigger (4 – normal, AK christmas)
Snow White (5)
Prince (Snow White)
Evil Queen (Snow Queen) (2)
Dopey (2)
Aladdin (2 – normal, Prince Ali)
Jasmine (4)
Cinderella (4)
Prince Charming (2)
Lady Tremaine
Fairy Godmother
Belle (5 – yellow dress, blue reading dress, red Christmas dress)
Beast (2 – normal, christmas)
Aurora (5)
Prince Phillip
Alice (4 – normal, coat)
Queen of Hearts (2)
White Rabbit
Tweedledum (2)
Tweedledee (2)
Mary Poppins (3)
Peter Pan
Wendy (2)
Captain Hook
Mr Smee
Pocahontas (2)
John Smith
Meeko (2)
Mulan (2)
Mushu (2)
Ariel (2 – tail, dress)
Prince Naveen
Woody (2)
Mr. Incredible
Mrs. Incredible
Mike (2)
Lightning McQueen
Pinocchio (2)
Jiminy Cricket
Miss Bunny

Of course, after figuring this out, I had to do a layout about it! Click for credits.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Charity Template

I know I'm behind again in posting layouts this month, but I had to post this one. Studio Hillary has a wonderful new template out, Template for Haiti Relief. You enter your own price, and all proceeds go to Save the Children's Haiti Relief Fund.

Here's a layout I did with this fabulous template (click for full credits)

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Monday, January 11, 2010

January QPE

Be sure to participate in the January QPE! The kit, Chocolate Frosted Snowflakes by Stolen Moments, is beautiful! For more info, check out the thread at ScrapMatters!