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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sahlin Studio Giveaway at MouseScrappers

Yesterday I posted the list of characters I've met at Disney. What perfect timing, since Sahlin Studio has a fun new challenge over at MouseScrappers, all about characters! All you have to do is scrap your favorite character meeting at a Disney park, and you could win say it with metal: what a character, which is one of my go to products for character layouts!

What are you waiting for!? :) Check out the MouseScrappers Sahlin Studio Giveaway Challenge!

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Monday, January 09, 2012

What a Bunch of Characters! (2012 edition)

Two years ago, I posted all the characters I've met at Disney. Two years later, meeting characters is still one of my favorite things to do at the parks! At the time I was at 88 unique characters, and thought that was pretty good. Well, now I'm up to 125 unique characters! I also need to remake my Character Layout!

Since I've added so many characters (and seen the same characters with lots of new outfits), I thought I'd repost my list. Last post my target was 100, now it's 150! I know that will be hard, since the more characters I meet, the harder it is to find new-to-me characters, lol. I'm hoping to make it to Star Wars Weekend in May, so that should help my list. :)

My full list, with how many times I've met each character, and with what outfits. (Minnie is still first with the most times met and the most number of outfits):

Mickey (20 – normal, Sorcerer, Chef, AK, Halloween, AK Christmas, Pirate, Christmas party, Gangster)
Minnie (23 – normal, Chef, Princess, AK, Halloween, AK Christmas, Christmas Party 1, Christmas party 2, Hollywood, Beach, Flapper)
Pluto (8 – normal, Chef, Hollywood, Dinoland)
Goofy (17 – normal, Chef, Frontierland, Santa, Hollywood, Dinoland, Pirate, Beach)
Donald Duck (16 – normal, Chef, AK, Frontierland, AK Christmas, Mexico, Halloween Pumpkin, Hollywood, Pirate, Beach)
Daisy Duck (8 – normal, Princess, Hollywood)
Scrooge McDuck
Chip (3 – normal, AK Christmas)
Dale (3 – normal, AK Christmas)
Pooh (13 – normal, Halloween Superhero, Halloween Bee, AK Christmas)
Eeyore (11 – normal, Halloween, AK Christmas)
Piglet (8 – normal, Halloween)
Tigger (12 – normal, AK Christmas, Halloween)
Snow White (7)
Prince (Snow White) (2)
Evil Queen (Snow Queen) (5)
The Witch (Hag)
Dopey (3)
Doc (2)
Happy (2)
Sleepy (2)
Sneezy (2)
Bashful (2)
Grumpy (2)
Aladdin (3 – normal, Prince Ali)
Jasmine (6)
Genie (2)
Abu (2)
Jafar (2)
Cinderella (6)
Prince Charming (3)
Lady Tremaine (2)
Anastasia (2)
Drizella (2)
Fairy Godmother
Belle (7 – Yellow dress, Blue reading dress, Red Christmas dress)
Beast (2 – normal, Christmas)
Aurora (7)
Malificent (3)
Prince Phillip
Alice (5 – normal, coat)
Queen of Hearts (2)
Tweedledum (2)
Tweedledee (2)
White Rabbit
Mad Hatter
Pinocchio (4)
Jiminy Cricket
Gepetto (2)
Mary Poppins (8)
Bert (2)
Penguin (4)
Peter Pan (2)
Wendy (2)
Captain Hook
Mr Smee
Tinkerbell (3 – normal, Winter)
Vidia (2)
Pocahontas (4)
John Smith
Meeko (4)
Mulan (2)
Mushu (2)
Ariel (4 – tail, dress)
Prince Eric
Tiana (2)
Prince Naveen (2)
Dr. Facilier (2)
Buzz (3)
Woody (4)
Jessie (3)
Bullseye (3)
Green Army Men (2)
Lotso (3)
Mr. Potato Head
Mr. Incredible
Mrs. Incredible
Mike (3)
Sulley (3)
George Sanderson
Lightning McQueen (2)
Mater (3)
Lilo (2 – normal, Christmas)
Stitch (3 – normal, Christmas)
Timon (3)
Marie (2)
Thumper (2)
Miss Bunny (2)
Baloo (4)
King Louie (3)
Tarzan (2)
Jane (2)
Terk (3)
Cruella (2)
Big Al
Duffy (3 – normal, Halloween, Christmas)
Rapunzel (2)
Flynn Rider (2)
Princess Atta
Gypsy Butterfly
Captain Jack Sparrow (2)
Pirate Angelica
Frollo (2)
Br'er Bear
Phineas (2 – normal, Christmas)
Ferb (2 – normal, Christmas)

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