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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flower & Garden album finished!! And more layouts

This has been a tough time for me, so, for once, I have an excuse for falling behind in posting layouts. I haven't done many layouts at all this month, but my last update was in January, so this post will probably still be long! (Click for full image & credits)

I finally finished my Flower & Garden album!! I got it printed from Adorama, it came out great! You can view the full album here! Here are the flower & garden layouts that I hadn't posted yet (lots of double pagers!):

The front cover. For the 2/14 Word Up

I just love the way this one came out, especially since it's a rare one of my layouts that doesn't use a template! I was so happy with the pics, and wanted them to shine.

For the 1/26 Grand Theft Challenge

For the February In Living Color

The back cover

A couple Character Layouts from a few trips

For the MouseScrappers Scraplift Challenge #3

For the MouseScrappers Scraplift Challenge #5

This is the 2nd page to this layout I posted in the last update. For the 2/5 Saturday Special

For the MouseScrappers Weekly Challenge #75

This seems to be non Disney, but technically it is. :) Layout is about 2 celebs resposnding to me on twitter, one being the director of Toy Story 3. :) For the 2/2 Grand Theft Challenge, which I hosted!

Since it took me until almost the end of the 2010 season to finish my 2009 Phils album, I obviously fell really behind in working on my 2010 album! I was hoping to work on that album this month before the 2011 season starts, but I've hardly scrapped. Here's the only layout I've done so far this month for that album

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