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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hopefully the first of more updated entries!

Just a quick bio about me as a scrapper! I've been seriously paper scrapping probably 6 years, but I just started digi scrapping in early May. I always was interested in digi scrapping, but I didn't like the look that just screamed digital. I really love the paper look, I like for a LO to look real. Then I saw some of my friend's digi LOs, and they were beautiful, and very real looking.

As I'm addicted to Disney, I love the DISboards. I love the scrapbook section of the board as well, and for some reason, I wandered into the digi threads. All their LOs looked so real, too! They had recently started weekly challenges, and I decided to
try just one challenge. I got hooked instantly! I didn't love my first LO, but I didn't think it was that horrible for a first try (I've since redone the LO for another challenge!)

I made my way over to ScrapMatters because everyone at the DIS talked about their challenges. I've signed up at a few other digi
sites/boards, and I definitely want to try out their challenges someday, but scrapmatters is the only place so far that I have posted & participated at (and even purchased kits through!) I love the challenges, especially when they push me to scrap something I never would otherwise. I recently was named a member of the Scraps Matter Gang. It's exciting, but a little daunting since I've never been on any sort of CT.

Here are the two most recent LOs I've done for scrapmatters challenges. The first was for the Tuesday Template challenge. This is probably my favorite of the ScrapMatters challenge, because you get a free template! Sometimes there's a theme you have to stick to, sometimes there are a few other rules, but sometimes it's just "here's the template, have fun!" For this challenge, you had to use only 2 of the 4 squares for pictures. This LO is one of my favorites.

(Click to see full size LO. Click here for credits.)

This LO was for the Saturday Special. You had to redo one of your old LOs. I chose to redo my very first digi LO, seen here, since I wanted to redo it at some point anyway! I don't know if I LOVE the result, but I definitely like it much better than the original!

(Click to see full size LO. Click here for credits.)

I'm going to try to be good and post all my new LOs here. I have about 7 paper LOs that I still need to upload. That's one thing I really love about digi vs paper scrapping, I don't have to worry about taking pics of my LOs!

My paper LOs right now are pretty much all disney, all the time! I really need to get some pictures printed so I can work on some more LOs, though. Until I post some individually, you can see them all in my Disney scrapbook gallery. My digi LOs can be seen here.

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